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  • Tuesday, March 29, 2005

    Iraq has become a Disneyland for terrorists

    The Bush regime have turned Iraq into a large scale terrorist training camp. The continued occupation of the country only increases hatred, and no doubt more terrorists are being created everyday. From MSNBC: For Islamic militants in Europe, Iraq far outshines Afghanistan as an urban-terrorism training ground

    All over Europe, in fact, investigators now face the threat of terrorists who are virtually self-taught, organized in groups with little or no central command and united by their obsession with the jihad against Americans in Iraq. "It has become a battle cry for Islamists around the world," says Michael Taarnby, author of a report on terrorist recruiting for the Danish Justice Ministry. Their most devastating blow to date was not inside Iraq but in Madrid last year, when a gruesome bombing spree killed 191 people in retaliation for Spain's presence in Iraq.
    Although, in relation to the Madrid bombing, it may be worthwhile to note, that the former Spanish leader Aznar believed that ETA was behind that atrocity. See all recent "A Logical Vocie" posts


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