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  • Tuesday, March 29, 2005

    Corporate killing bill neutered to appease Blair's big business friends

    If you hadn't already noticed, Blair & Co appear to put big business before anything else in this country. They represent nothing like what the Labour party used to represent, they no longer have the interests of the working class at their heart, they keep big business close, and introduce privatisation by the back door to our public services, like health and education. Monbiot, has this piece in the Guardian today, which looks at how Blair & Co have appeased their corporate friends, by neutering the corporate manslaughter bill:

    So what the bill gives us is a law that will allow companies, but not the people who run them, to be prosecuted for killing their workers. At the moment, a firm can't be convicted of manslaughter unless prosecutors can prove that one of the directors was personally responsible for the death. This makes it impossible to pursue any but the smallest companies. The new law will allow firms to be convicted as long as "senior managers" were responsible for a gross breach of their duty of care towards their workers. The company can be fined. But the human beings who make the decisions are immune. As directors can still be disqualified and imprisoned for a gross breach of their duty of care towards their shareholders' investments, money will remain more valuable than human life.
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