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  • Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    17 Labour MPs to campaign on their anti war stance

    According to this article, from the Independent today, 17 of Blair's own MPs have signed a decalaration to make it clear that they have been and remain completely opposed to the illegal invasion of Iraq. They hope that making it clear what they think on this important issue will ensure that their constituents know exactly where they stand:

    The MPs fear a backlash from voters over the war and will try to insulate themselves against one by including the statement in their election leaflets. The rebels' decision to make Iraq "an issue of trust" is a coded attack on Mr Blair.
    Several Labour MPs who have not signed the statement will make clear their reservations about Iraq in their election material. Des Turner, MP for Brighton Kemptown, has put a "personal statement" on his website: "I have consistently voted against British involvement in the war on Iraq, but I would not want my negative views on British involvement in the conflict to detract from my support for British troops who are undertaking a difficult job."
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