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  • Saturday, February 26, 2005

    Hollywood's dirty little secret

    This is an interesting read, from The Age: Hollywood's dirty little secret

    Where were the British and Canadian troops in Saving Private Ryan? They may have been present in history, but that didn't wash too well with Hollywood ... or the Pentagon
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    At 2/27/2005 01:12:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You seem to be scraping the barrel again, nothing in the Guardian/Observer today ? What about Answer and other communist fronts ?

    At 2/27/2005 09:37:00 am, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Nothing to say then?

    At 2/27/2005 10:17:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    Nope. Guess not.

    At 2/27/2005 10:18:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    But ad hominems are fun.

    At 2/27/2005 02:03:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The effort here seems to be to post the absolute maximum number of negative articles. The end result is so much volume that there is no time to read them all so there is little debate as a result. This "blog" is more akin to a simple BBS and thus not very satisfying.

    At 2/27/2005 02:10:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Sorry that you're not satisfied, you aren't obliged to visit, you know anonymous.

    At 2/27/2005 05:25:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    So I guess that means that anon has nothing to say about the article.

    As Voice says, there are lots of other sites out there. Try http://woodiah.blogspot.com I'm sure you'd love it.

    At 2/27/2005 09:46:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The British film industry made war films about British (and Commonwealth) participants in the wars concerned and did not give priority to Americans. In Saving Private Ryan, the events surrounding the plot were accurately depicted, to the consternation of some veterans. Only in U571 did Hollywood distort the facts and indeed lie about how the Enigma machine fell into Allied hands.
    Hollywood's 'dirty little secret' is the number of communists in the upper echelons of that industry during the Cold War. I don't think that's what you meant.


    At 2/28/2005 04:12:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    What is more interesting than how events get twisted in movies is how the movies themselves fall under the system of societal indoctrination in society as a whole as is needed at the time: Chuck Norris and Delta Force, Stallone and Rambo on the mythical hords of POWs in Vietnam, for example; or Bruce Willis in The Siege on the danger of those conniving Muslims.

    At 2/28/2005 04:14:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    Oh, and in the U.S., there is freedom of association. People living there can be communists, if they so choose.


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