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  • Saturday, February 26, 2005

    British soldiers were "high" and gave horses alcohol

    From the Scotsman: UK soldiers 'plied horses with drink'

    The allegations have been made by a cavalryman with more than five years’ service under his belt. He claimed that before one parade being held in the Swiss city of Zurich, a gelding called Unknown was given eight cans of lager to drink by cavalrymen. The soldier told the newspaper: "Unknown still managed to perform all right after that lot but as he got back to the stables he collapsed." Describing the other allegations, he claimed horse manure was thrown over a naked recruit strapped to a fence and during shows troops stole thousands of pounds worth of riding equipment after stallholders were distracted. The soldier also told the newspaper: "Quite a few blokes were high during the Trooping of the Colour as well as a couple of state visits too."
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    At 2/26/2005 06:58:00 pm, Blogger RonPopiel said...

    This blog received Cap'n Shrimpstain's Seal of Approval!


    Cap'n Bosworth J. Shrimpstain

    At 2/26/2005 07:17:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Thank you Cap'n Shrimpstain. :)

    At 2/26/2005 10:24:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why is it that you never miss a single opportunity to denigrate the armed forces of this country (and those of the US) by posting any unsubstantiated rumour, 'report', piece of innuendo etc? You do go just a bit beyond credibility.


    At 2/27/2005 09:35:00 am, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Would you call a cavalryman with 5 years of service under his belt, reporting on these appalling incidents "unsubsantiated rumour"? Would you say that a judge sentencing three servicemen for abuse was a matter of pure innuendo?

    At 2/27/2005 10:17:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    Allan's point being only say good things about them, apparently.

    At 2/27/2005 01:21:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Obviously djeb. They cannot do any wrong apparently, and anyone who says otherwise must be a rumour monger, or "unpatriotic".

    At 2/27/2005 01:55:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    By the way, meant to ask you last week, if you'd like to post a few messages every now and then here DJEB?

    At 2/27/2005 05:22:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    I'd love to help out. Post about it on any page you like on any one of my blogs and I'll contact you there...

    At 2/27/2005 05:57:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Great will do.


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