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  • Monday, January 31, 2005

    Then, they came for Iraq's Sunni

    This is a very interesting article: Some excerpts:

    President Bush said both U.S. and British military personnel had lost their lives in the crash. There had been no previous mention of US deaths Reuters noted. The Daily Telegraph mentions an ominous "maximum" of 70 special forces soldiers from both countries aboard the plane. "It was not clear why there was still doubt about the casualty toll," Kate Holton for Reuters dryly recorded --hinting at an obvious conclusion: politicians and military don't want to spoil the rosy propaganda about Iraq's "elections" by admitting high casualties.
    And in a commentary on Asia Times Online, Pepe Esobar said sources close to the resistance in Baghdad identified the missile as a shoulder-launched Sam 7 rocket which has a range of around two miles. Free Arab Voice reported that the helicopter wreckage "had been scattered over an approximately two kilometer area". Two days later on January 28, 2005 a US Army OH-58 Kiowa helicopter which usually carries a two-person crew, "crashed" in southwest Baghdad. Once again, cause and casualties were uncertain. Of these three recent downings, the two which caused large loss of life were almost certainly due to missiles. Either this was unexpectedly opportune for the resistance, or more likely, the result of calculated targeting designed to answer the American-imposed election with a commensurate tactical response.
    Continuing on from Fallujah (now largely destroyed and deserted), the genocide option was already unfolding even before the staged "elections." As Robert Fisk described on page 1 of South Africa's, Sunday Independent, January 30, 2005: ...... "Right up to the election hour, US jets were continuing to bomb "terrorist targets", the latest in the city of Ramadi,... now in the hands of the insurgents as surely as Fallujah was before the Americans destroyed it." "Every month since Allawi, the former CIA agent, was appointed premier, American air strikes on Iraq have been increasing exponentially. There are no "embedded" reporters on the giant American air base at Qatar or aboard the US carriers in the Gulf from which these ever increasing and ever more lethal sorties are being flown."
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