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  • Monday, January 31, 2005

    The "religious" right

    I think I may have mentioned in the past what I think about the so called "religious" right, and the "compassionate conservatives". This article is a good one, and looks at some of the "principles" of the Bush regime. The following quote from the article is quite poignant: "Jesus was quite a troublemaker. In fact, I'm thinking the Bush administration would have a special place for Jesus were the swarthy Nazarene to take up his ministry today in the U.S. of A.--in a cell with other Middle Eastern men awaiting deportation." If you've heard of the 10 commandements you'll probably know one of them states "thou shalt not kill". My guess is that if there was more space on those stone tablets for any more commandments, thou shalt not torture and abuse might also have been included. Maybe those evangelicals in the Bush regime need to go back and learn some of the basics about their religion, before they try to preach to others about morality and values.


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