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  • Saturday, January 29, 2005

    Poll finds lack of knowledge of, and opposition to EU constitution

    According to this report in The Guardian today, a poll has found that only half of Britons have heard of the EU constitution, and that 30% of my fellow countrymen and women oppose the constitution:

    The poll, carried out among 1,300 UK voters last November, shows that 30% of Britons oppose the constitution and only 20% support it, amid widespread ignorance of its existence, let alone its contents. Only Sweden, split 25% against and 27% for, approached the UK in closeness to rejection. Across the EU, 49% are in favour and 16% against, though a third of the 25,000 polled had never heard of the treaty and only 11% claimed to know its contents. Support was highest in Italy (72%), Belgium (70%) and the Netherlands (63%), traditionally the most pro-European of the original six members to sign the first Treaty of Rome in 1958, although a more recent Dutch poll showed declining support. Britain joined in 1973. Pro-Europeans fear the constitution could be voted down in France, Denmark, Poland or the Czech Republic before the UK votes, but yesterday's survey indicated healthy majorities in all four, notably France (48% to 17%).
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