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  • Monday, January 31, 2005

    Penalise Halliburton says watchdog

    Watchdog wants Halliburton penalized Iraq reconstruction monitor says funds not accounted for The inspector general of Iraqs reconstruction programme said yesterday that US Vice President Dick Cheneys former company Halliburton, which he still receives money from should be penalised. Amid controversy about a Pentagon contract to handle logistical support in Iraq and Kuwait, a team of auditors have been looking into Halliburton lately and have said that they don't know where some of the funds have gone. In August, Pentagon auditors also described KBR's cost-estimating system as "inadequate," saying that $1.8 billion in billings for $4.18 billion of logistical work remained unsupported by documentary evidence. KBR has billed the government for about $12 billion in Iraq, but nearly a quarter of that remains in dispute.


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