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  • Saturday, January 01, 2005

    An "Operation Poodle" appeal

    You may be aware that when searching for "poodle" at Google, (UK sites only) Tony Blair's biography is showing up at the top spot. Meanwhile, a search for "poodle" at the main Google site is listing Blair's biography at the number 4 slot at the moment. Plese help if you have a website, group, message board or blog to push the biography to the number 1 spot, where it belongs. If you haven't yet got a website, or group and would like to take part in the operation, then there are a lot of free web hosts out there such as Geocities, Angelfire, tripod, Bravehost etc... you could always set up a website/group talking about anything as long as you include the following piece of html when putting together your page: Poodle You can find more details here and here. It would be nice if "Poodle" would show up in the top spot just in time for the General Election in Britain don't you think?


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