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  • Saturday, January 29, 2005

    Minister says council elections should not be about party politics

    According to this article in the Guardian, a minister has indicated that he believes council elections should be more about a local authority's performance, rather than party politics.

    Asked about the impact of local government league tables on voter choice, Mr Raynsford said it had influenced some local election outcomes and overriden party politics. "It has helped to inform the public and that gave an added weight to the voice element," he said. "I do not think local government has been well served in the past to vote on party ticket irrespective of performance. It has been particularly so for councils that run their council well who are voted out of office because their party is unpopular nationally." Asked if he was saying that the electorate should vote for a council based on performance rather than party lines, Mr Raynsford cautiously agreed.
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