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  • Saturday, January 29, 2005

    Iraq war will sway some voters

    I've said in the past, and i'll say it again, because a significant number of Blair's own MP's were and are against the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, it cannot be said that Blair will have achieved any mandate whatsoever for his "shoulder to shoulder" stance if he does happen to gain a majority in the commons, I think that Blair may well get a majority of somewhere between about 75 and 130 seats, however, all of that majority is then swallowed up by the number of anti war MPs.

    Some 62 per cent of those asked said their vote would not be swayed by the war to oust Saddm Hussein from power. But the Ipsos RSL poll found 61 per cent of respondents thought it was the wrong decision for Britain to go to war with Iraq; a third supported the decision. Of the 4,000 people surveyed, 18 per cent of voters - who previously backed Labour - said they would switch to the Liberal Democrats at the election, widely expected to be held in May. Only nine per cent said they would support Michael Howard's Conservative Party; 13 per cent said they would opt for other parties. Six per cent of Labour voters said they would decline to vote at the next election in protest over the Iraq war.
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