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  • Saturday, January 29, 2005

    A dodgy dossier on Guantanamo Britons

    I say this so called "dossier" is dodgy of course, because any so called "evidence" gained by torture and abuse cannot be classed as legitimate:

    The US Justice Department documents include claims that at least one of the men was taught how a jihad group works and was given instructions on how to use weapons and destroy vehicles. Similar allegations have previously been denied by the lawyers and families of the former prisoners, who were held for up to three years at the Cuban naval base as suspected terrorists. Martin Mubanga, Feroz Abbasi, Richard Belmar and Moazzam Begg say they were tortured while in captivity. The Pentagon describes the four men as a continuing security threat, but they were freed without charge after being questioned on their return to Britain.
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