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  • Saturday, January 29, 2005

    A catalogue of war crimes

    Ever since the Bush regime declared that pre emptive strikes should become part of US foreign policy, there has been widespread anger throughout the world at how a "civilised society" could carry out war crimes in the name of a battle of "good against evil". Breaches of international humanitarian Law, and of the Geneva conventions now appear to be the rule rather than the exception: Doctors Without Borders charges U.S. failed Iraq hospitals BOMBS FALL ON BABYLON Apr 3 2003 Anton Antonowicz And Mike Moore Report From Inside Babylon General Hospital After the cluster bombs Published: 24-Oct-2003 By: Lindsey Hilsum Australian pilot gives thumbs down to US bombing order 24.03.2003 By GREG ANSLEY Australia correspondent US is legally liable for lost Iraqi treasures Allied use of cluster bombs illegal, minister admits By Paul Waugh, Deputy Political Editor 30 May 2003 Iraq's Child Prisoners Abuse, Torture and Rape Reported at Unlisted U.S.-run Prisons in Iraq Beyond Torture: U.S. Violations of Occupation Law in Iraq Navy seals torturing Iraqis Torture and abuse is not isolated, it is widespread UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Proclamations are not enough, double standards must end More than words needed this Human Rights Day US shooting at ambulances and closing down hospitals Rahul Mahajan [URL] Sun 18 Apr 2004 FALLUJAH NAPALMED Nov 28 2004 US uses banned weapon ..but was Tony Blair told? By Paul Gilfeather Political Editor Fallujah: What Sort of Criminal Monsters Bomb Hospitals? by Kurt Nimmo Civilians killed in bus shooting in Iraq's Ramadi 21 Nov 2004 17:24:22 GMT Source: Reuters


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