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  • Saturday, January 29, 2005

    Australian Guantanamo detainee has strong case for compensation

    I'd say he does, after having that torture and abuse inflicted upon him, and being held for 3 years without any charges or legitimate trial:

    Greens Senator Bob Brown has called for a full inquiry into Mr Habib's imprisonment. Senator Brown says the case is an indictment on the failure of the United States and Australian governments to recognise the international rule of law. He says Mr Habib is now a free man and should not be under watch. "Mr Ruddock's talk about constant surveillance is to try to continue the presumption of guilt rather than innocence under the law," Senator Brown said. "It's this reversal of law and Australian standards by Mr Ruddock and Mr Howard that we need to keep under surveillance." But federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says there were valid reasons for Mr Habib's incarceration. "He was in Afghanistan by his own admission and he trained with Al Qaeda, according to people who participated in Al Qaeda training camps," Mr Ruddock said. "That is not an offence under our law before July 2002. "But if it occurred since July 2002 it would be a matter on which he would be charged."
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