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  • Thursday, December 23, 2004

    What about Egyptian human rights?

    The only excuse left now for the invasion of Iraq, is the "humanitarian" excuse. Hoever, trying to use that one in light of the fact the Bush regime authorises abuse and torture really doesn't wash anymore. Now apparently, the torturer in chief, and his regime are threatening to cut funding for the United Nation's Development Programme because of an as yet unpublished paper by Arab academics. According to this article:

    American taxpayers give the Egyptian military $1.3 billion dollars every year – making Mubarak's government the second largest recipient of U.S. arms after Israel. Since September 11 and Bush's war on terror, Egyptians say, America's interest in large scale crackdowns has intensified, as has Mubarak's brutality. After terrorist attacks in October killed 33 tourists near the Israeli border the Egyptian state has rounded up – and tortured – hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people. None of them have been allowed to see a lawyer and only a handful have been charged with a crime.


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