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  • Friday, December 31, 2004

    US propaganda outlet will serve as election night results service

    Ah, nothing like "freedom and democracy" is there? And this certainly is nothing like "freedom and democracy. What next I wonder? Diebold, and Triad being in charge of voting day systems?

    Iraq's first democratic elections in 80 years are being heavily promoted by an Arab language television network operating out of Northern Virginia that will offer an American-style election night coverage from voting places across Iraq. Begun this spring as part of a strategic, U.S.-backed media offensive against terrorism in Iraq and the Middle East, and bankrolled with more than $100 million in federal funding, Alhurra TV's mission is to explain and promote democracy throughout the war-torn region, with its chief focus on the Jan. 30 elections that could decide Iraq's future and, with it, the success of the U.S. military mission there.


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