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  • Thursday, December 30, 2004

    A Logical Voice 2004 Review (Part 2 - July to December)

    July This month, following numerous reports that children had been captured, and tortured in Iraq, the Norwegians were seriously considering cutting ties to the Bush regime. Following a world court ruling that Israel's West Bank barrier was illegal, Israel urged the US to oppose the ruling, and Jeremy Greenstock, Blair's special envoy to Iraq publicly embarrassed his boss by admitting that Iraq's alleged stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction just "were not there". Also in July, the Butler inquiry was due to report, and all hopes of Blair's credibility being restored were shattered, and well before the mainstream media were reporting on the terrible conditions the Sudanese people have to face on an everyday basis, alternative media was providing a medium to tell the world what was happening in the civil war stricken country. August This month, more media outlets were reporting on the attrocities committed in Sudan; meanwhile, US senators were visiting China, the delegation apparently told Chinese officials that despite ongoing tension between Taiwan and China the US would not back down on supplying arms to Taiwan. Also in August, massive protests were held in New York, as the Republican National Convention gathered to once again choose Bush as their presidential candidate, the EU Commissioner on human rights condemned Israeli incursions into Gaza, and said that any help provided by the EU for the Palestinian people did not absolve Israel of its obligations to the Palestinian people under international humanitarian law. September At the beginning of this month, reports emerged that a secretive Pentagon office, called the Office of Special Plans was linked to an Israeli espionage case the FBI were investigating. The Office of Special Plans had been largely discredited on its "intelligence" on Iraq's alleged WMD. Meanwhile, in Northern Ossetia, it was said that Chechen rebels were responsible for holding hundreds of children, staff and parents hostage at a school. Many hundreds were killed in the dreadful siege. Also in September, Hans Blix, the former chief weapons inspector said that the consequences of the attack on Iraq were "terrible and tragic", and the US claimed it had killed more than 100 so called "insurgents" in a major offensive concentrated on Samarra. However, many angry residents of the city denounced the incursions into Samarra, saying the offensive had mainly led to the deaths of many innocent civilians. October Afghans went to the polls for the first time in 20 years on the 9th October 2004. Although the turnout was reported to be high, there were numerous reports of vote fraud, and multiple registrations. The Lancet (a highly respected publication), this month published the results of a survey taken in Iraq, which showed that more than 100,000 civilians have probably died as a direct, or indirect consequence of the US led invasion of the country, the US, this month decided to adopt the Hama rules, in a widely condemned incursion into Fallujah. Reports have sinced surfaced about a number of war crimes being committed in the city, from reports of civilians being imprisoned in tiny cages and being denied food for 2 days, through snipers opening fire on anything that moved, aid agencies being denied access to the city, people being denied the treatment they needed, reports that forces were entering houses and shooting people because they couldn't speak english, hospitals bombed, and napalm, a banned weapon, used apparently. November The moment had almost arrived when the world was watching, and holding its breath to see if Bush would once again steal the keys to the White House, a poll published on the 1st November showed that if young voters turned out in large numbers, that could possibly tip the balance in favour of Kerry. When the exit polls were released, it was widely expected that Kerry would win the race for the White House; however, strangely enough, it appeared as if Bush had won the 2004 Presidential election. Vote fraud reports, seemingly were not only confined to the US this month, there were reports of vote fraud also in Romania, and Ukraine. The mainstream media however, in general failed to report on vote fraud issues in the Romanian and US elections. At the end of November, Bush began his official visit to Canada, and the Canadian people wanted to give him the welcome he deserved. December This month saw probably one of the worst natural disasters the world has ever seen, The renowned dictator, and human rights abuser, Augusto Pinochet was declared fit to face charges of kidnap and murder; A British high court ruled that the European conventions on human rights must be upheld, and it emerged that Bush signed an Executive Order authorising torture. Also in December, it came to light that Blair and Co had ordered that emails more than 3 months old be deleted from computers, and that hundreds of thousands of documents had been shredded before the new freedom of Information act comes into force. The government called this "housekeeping".


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