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  • Friday, December 31, 2004

    A letter to Sky News

    Dear Sky News, Although it must disappoint some of your most ardent right wing so called "christian" fundamentalist viewers and backers to have to allow your organisation, and your sister "journalistic" organisation in America to distract yourselves by taking your eyes of the so called "war on terror", and the tragedy called "9/11" for one minute, it must be liberating for your so called "journalists" to report on the actual facts of a disaster many times worse than the events of the 11th September 2001. I am aware that this probably breaches the usual standards of "journalism" at both Fox and Sky News, as you are not particularly renowned for your in depth analysis, and investigative and insightful reporting on world events, so your organisation must be congratulated this once for breaching the usual Murdoch "standards" of bowing to the feet of your masters in the Bush regime. Perhaps it would be too much to ask that you actually report on the fact that while the rest of the world rushed to help the US after the 11th September 2001, all the Bush regime has been able to manage in response to this disaster, so far taking the lives of over 125,000 people and displacing millions more is a lousy $35 million. Perhaps the rest of the world should remember this if ever the US cry for help from the rest of the world again. And maybe your media organisations should remember this fact, as you've assisted in pumping out all this propaganda for them for so many years now, I think the public are catching onto you, and deserting Sky and Fox in droves. Although this breach in your "journalistic standards" was probably some sort of slip up, perhaps you could consider in light of your disappointing viewing figures reporting on civilian casualties in Iraq, war crimes committed by US troops in the country, the possible use of banned weapons in Fallujah, the signing of an Executive Order by Bush authorising abuse and torture while our Prime Minister stood idly by, and the growing evidence that the rogue regime in Washington allowed the events of the 11th September 2001 to happen. Then again, maybe I would be quite happy to see your viewing figures completely disappear down the drain, considering your organisations part in allowing all these war crimes to be committed in the name of Bush's crusades. Regards


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