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  • Wednesday, December 29, 2004

    "It's not a meaningful recount"

    A lawyer representing voting groups, challenging the Ohio election results has stated: "You're allowing the original error to be repeated a second time, so it's not a meaningful recount." His comments reflect concerns that machines have been tampered with, and that "cheat sheets" were used in the recount, rather than counting the actual ballots cast. However, even without the machine tampering and "cheat sheets" factored into the counting, Kerry's numbers of votes in the 3% recount increased by 734 votes, while Bush's increased by just 449 votes. I'd be interested in knowing what the actual figures would be, if that percentage in increased votes were translated throughout Ohio. By my calculations, the difference would see an approximate 25,000 vote increase in Kerry's total across the whole of Ohio, while Bush's total would increase by approximately 15,000 votes. Because the number of votes Bush would gain here is significantly less than the number of votes that would be added to Kerry's total, it appears the original counting process was significantly favourable towards Bush. Also, there are bound to be differences with the declared results and the actual ballots cast, when "results" are based on these "cheat sheets". I wonder how much closer Kerry would get to Bush's total if the actual ballots cast were counted.


    At 12/29/2004 04:53:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Its a sad state of affairs in the USA when corruption such as this is allowed and officially sanctioned. The entire world is not ignorant of these facts. America has lost face to everyone in every country and cannot be trusted in any of its decisions until this administration is finally finished and removed from power.

    Foreign Observer

    At 12/29/2004 05:11:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Hello foreign observer, thank you for your comment. I do agree that while the regime in Washington is seen as corrupt, and criminal in nature its decisions on a whole range of issues should not be trusted.


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