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  • Thursday, December 23, 2004

    First, deleting emails, now shredding documents

    It seems Blair & Co are on a mission to hide anything embarrassing from the British public before the new Freedom of Information laws come into effect. There are reports today that the numbers of classified government documents which have been shredded recently have dramatically increased. Both the Tories, and Lib Dems have picked up on the issue, the shadow cabinet office minister has said: "It looks like there has been a bonfire of historical records." While the Lib Dems environment spokesman has said: "I thought that the sight of every light burning in government departments late into the night was a sign of the Government's total disregard for the environment. Now I know civil servants are burning the midnight oil and shredding everything in sight before the deadline." A government spokesman has described the shredding as "housekeeping".


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