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  • Wednesday, December 15, 2004

    European Convention on Human Rights must be upheld

    On the 28th November, I posted the following message: Now, not only in the International Criminal Court could British troops be tried for breaches in international law, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that European troops who are in control of a foreign country can be prosecuted under human rights law for breaching the civil rights of local people. I put the blame for this fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Bush and Blair. Blair was only too willing for Britain to join Bush's project in Iraq, regardless of the fact that the actions were illegal. Now it seems from this ruling British troops will pay the consequences. Now, a British High Court has ruled that troops are subject to the European conventions on human rights, if it can be proven that any detainees had been abused, mistreated or tortured whilst in the detention of British troops. The British government obviously objected to ruling that the European convention should be applied. The ruling paves the way for a full independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of an Iraqi detainee, who was apparently beaten to death while in British custody. It seems there were 30 similar cases awaiting the outcome of this case, however, unfortunately, 5 other cases were turned down by the high court.


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