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  • Wednesday, December 29, 2004

    Dean had it right on Iraq

    I've just found this interesting letter to a US newspaper, many people label John Kerry as a liberal, well I suppose compared to Bush even many conservatives in Britain could be described as liberal, but in the true sense of the word, Howard Dean is more a liberal than Kerry: Dean had it right on Iraq December 28, 2004 Your editorial marking the year anniversary of Saddam Hussein's capture was a good one. It would also have been the one year anniversary of Howard Dean's remark that the capture of Saddam "doesn't make us any safer." Is there anyone who would disagree with the accuracy of that judgment? But what was the reaction to Dean's statement at the time? His fellow Democratic candidates, led by John Kerry, attacked him for defeatism. They claimed that statement proved Dean's unworthiness as a leader and reinforced his reputation as a "loose cannon." Nobody in the Democratic Party establishment had the courage to admit that just maybe he was right. Dean and the rest of the anti-war movement got a big reward for being right— they were completely shut out of the proceedings at the Democratic convention while a candidate who didn't know where he stood on Iraq took them all down to defeat.


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