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  • Thursday, December 30, 2004

    Bush ratings plunge to historic new lows

    Considering Bush, as we are led to believe, was "re-elected" only recently, his approval ratings do not reflect a mandate for his policies.

    A new Gallup survey conducted for CNN and USA Today puts Bush's approval rating at 49 percent -- close to his pre-election numbers. That's 10 to 20 percentage points lower than every elected sitting president at this stage since World War II, according to Gallup. Bush's Gallup rating echoed a survey published last week by ABC News and the Washington Post, which put his approval rating at 48 percent. That poll also found that 56 percent of Americans said the Iraq war was not worth fighting. Time magazine put Bush's overall approval at 49 percent.
    Frank Newport, the editor of the Gallup survey, asked this interesting question: "The question is, what happened to the honeymoon?" Indeed. Maybe the honeymoon never happened, because the marriage never took place in the first place.


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