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  • Friday, December 31, 2004

    British public in complete unity on tsunami relief efforts

    The British public are united in grief for the victims of the tsunami disaster. By last night, it was reported that the government co-ordinated Disaster Emergency Committee alone, had received well over 600,000 telephone calls, with pledges totalling £25 million. That number however was boosted by people turning up at charity shops with donations (large and small) towards relief efforts. The Guardian is reporting that by last night the British public had donated £30 million. And today is reporting that the figure has increased to £32 million. Last night on the local news, I heard that at Friday prayers today, the whole of the Muslim community will be launching a campaign to boost those figures even further, and that Churches have been inundated with donations towards relief efforts. Apparently, collectors will be in town centres across the UK to help with the fund raising efforts today. Because of this staggering response by the British public, Blair & Co, were forced to increase their donation to £50 million, from the stingy £15 million it had originally been planning on donating, as it seemed the public's donations would far exceed the donations of the government. It really gives you faith in human nature, when you see how the public reacts in unity to disasters like this.


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