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  • Sunday, December 26, 2004

    9,500 killed in Asian earthquake floods

    I had just woken up this morning when a family friend rang to say they had made their scheduled flight out of the area, about 30 minutes before the tidal wave struck, and not to worry. Unfortunately many thousands weren't so lucky. I'm sure, from what i've heard that figure will increase sadly. Asian quake floods kill 9,500 By Simon Gardner COLOMBO (Reuters) - One of the most powerful earthquakes in history has hit Asia, unleashing a tsunami which devastated coastal areas of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and tourist isles in Thailand, killing nearly 9,500 people. The tsunami, a menacing wall of water, wreaked death, chaos and destruction across southern Asia. Up to 10 metres high, the tsunami was triggered by an 8.9 magnitude underwater earthquake off the Indonesian island of Sumatra.


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