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  • Saturday, November 27, 2004

    Won't the Iraqis be pleased at that?

    The only reason close to justifying our leaders invasion of Iraq, the downfall of Saddam Husseins regime has been repeated on many occasions when our leaders are faced with the questions about deceiving the public on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction. A classic diversionary tactic, when you can't answer one question, answer another instead. However, we must remember regime change just for the sake of it would be illegal in international law. Close to Iskandariya, Iraq US troops are still battling Husseins followers according to this article, with the help of Saddam Husseins former special forces. Yes, that's correct; US forces are working alongside Husseins special forces to stamp on dissent in Iraq. Perhaps the Iraqis would have preferred having a rogue regime in power like that of Saddam Hussein, I suppose they knew where they stood then. The Iraqis must surely be thinking about how Bush and Blair promised that Husseins regime was gone, on the ground they seem to be seeing something else entirely. And no, I don't think they will be pleased.


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