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  • Thursday, November 25, 2004

    Transcript of Live Chat with Blair

    Well, it seems my questions have been answered. Apparently, Blair did manage to answer some questions. Here are just a few of the questions and answers: Cleopatra: Mr Blair, when will you be taking action on climate change, Mr Bush seems to think there is no problem what do you think? PM Tony Blair: It's a priority for us and we are meeting our targets in Britain. I don't think the head of Greenpeace agrees with you Blair. Shel: Why can't I get urgent medication that I need as my hospital says there is no money? I'm 33 and need it now, not 2 years later. PM Tony Blair: I am surprised about that. There is though probably something we could do if we had more details. The average waiting time is however way down now, 7-8 weeks. Get in touch. I don't know why he is surprised at the deteriorating situation in public services in this country. We all know where money has gone which could have been used better. Turtle: I am not worried about terrorists; I am worried about burglars, muggers, car jackers and anti social youths. PM Tony Blair: That's why we've got a record number of police and this afternoon I will present new measures to fight drugs. We will for example, test people for drugs who we arrest. It's unsurprising Turtle isn't worried about terrorists considering this type of scaremongering. Rose: Would you stand shoulder to shoulder with George W Bush if he was to invade north Korea? PM Tony Blair: He's not going to do that fortunately. But we shouldn't forget the thousands of people who die there every year. And we mustn't forget the North Korean/US trade balance either must we? Kellykell: Was it really necessary to go to war in Iraq? PM Tony Blair: Yes, I believe it was. We have had difficulties but Iraq will become democratic. Liar, it was not necessary at all. You can email Blair through his website to let him know what you think.


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