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  • Saturday, November 27, 2004

    Tessa Jowell holds up ITV and Sky news as examples of impartiality

    In this article, titled "Government lays down law to BBC on reporting news" in todays Independent, Tessa Jowell (the minister for culture, media and sport) has responded to claims that Blair & Co want the BBC to report what the government tell them to report by saying "Commercial broadcasters, such as ITV and Sky, have to meet standards of impartiality and accuracy as a condition of their licence." Maybe the culture, media and sports minister needs to be reminded of the accuracy of reports only the other day on both ITV and Sky about a so called "terrorist plot" to crash planes into Canary Wharf. Also, perhaps Ms. Jowell is aware of a man called Rupert Murdoch. Hardly impartial on his media outlets reporting.


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