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  • Sunday, November 28, 2004

    Spinning over the Tories grave?

    Well that's certainly what it seems like when you look at some of these "New Labour" policies such as imprisonment without trial, the introduction of id cards etc.. This article makes a valid point that the Labour Party under Blair and Co are using the same tactics employed by the Bush regime, in making "liberal" a frowned upon concept. An excerpt from the article states: "I still believe that this was what the war in Iraq was really all about. It wasn’t so much that Blair was seduced in the chapel by Dubya. Rather, Blair was asking himself: what would be most likely to win the next election: a war against terror, or siding with Europe and the UN? No contest – Sun readers like a bit of blood in the sand, and even after Kosovo, which wasn’t a real war anyway, Blair had never fully demonstrated that he could be as great as war leader as Thatcher in the Falklands. Now he has. It may have been the most unpopular war in British history, but Blair has remained at his post, seen it through, paid the “blood price”. "


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