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  • Saturday, November 27, 2004

    Sanctions should target cause of problems

    Yesterday, the World Trade Organisation finally gave the go ahead for trade sanctions on US products. Although I am not a big fan of generally imposing tarriffs on a countrys products, I do believe carefully selected products should be targetted to help US citizens to see that their regime has made the country look like a pariah state in international terms. The Bush regime has flouted international law, and tore up numerous treaties in its continual two finger salute to the rest of the world. When other nations have flouted international law they have been subject to tough sanctions imposed through the UN, why then should the US not face such sanctions? Let me say here, I am not arguing in favour of the kind of sanctions imposed upon Iraq which crippled their country, and left its citizens destitute. On the contrary, I am saying that if tough sanctions are imposed, they should specifically target the interests of a rogue regime. Why can't the international community press for sanctions against US companies which have donated to Bush for example. Such sanctions could target companies like Hotpoint, Maxwell House, AOL etc.. In fact a list of Republican party donors is available here, perhaps someone could pass this list onto a member of the UN security council and remind them that when countries have flouted international law in the past, the US regime has been one of the first to call for sanctions.


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