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  • Monday, November 22, 2004

    "Regime change"

    Isn't it strange, when human rights abuses are actually being carried out in other countries our "civilised societies" leaders are silent. Take for example Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai the leader of the countrys main opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change yesterday told an audience in London that "We want regime change in Zimbabwe. But we want regime change by through the ballot, not the bullet." Why aren't our leaders pressing more for democracy in Zimbabwe? And why did the Bush regime water down the UN resolution on Sudan if it is so interested in human rights? The Bush regime, backed by their poodle decided to illegaly invade and occupy Iraq based, it is true on allegations of Iraqs so called "WMD programmes". However, they also cited that "regime change" was necessary for the Iraqi people. (this was not the legal justification for invading Iraq though as we all know) Well, exactly where were our "civilised societies" when Saddam Husseins regime was abusing his own people? Of course our leaders at the time were assisting him when it suited.


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