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  • Monday, November 22, 2004

    Pre-election election campaign starts

    It seems that over the past few days the 3 main political parties in Britain have been setting out their stalls ready for the general election widely expected to be called for spring next year. Liberal Democrats, the 3rd placed party in Britain seems to be focussing on its plans to scrap university tuition fees, charging a 50p tax rate for those earning over £100,000 and scrap the Council tax. They are also likely to capitalise from a widely unpopular anti war vote, they were the only one of the 3 major parties who opposed the invasion of Iraq. That has earned them support among voters. The Conservatives under Micheal Howard would, they say improve hospital hygiene, impose stricter classroom discipline and introduce some sort of "points system" for immigrants to Britain. The Tories always supported the invasion of Iraq, they seem 2 faced when they now question anything told to the House of Commons by Blair when they say they would have supported an invasion anyway. The Labour Party is planning on introducing draconian legislation which will allow "terrorists" or "terrorist suspects" to be imprisoned without trial, and face juryless trials. They are also planning on introducing id cards and they claim the Labour Party if re-elected will crack down more on crime.


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