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  • Sunday, November 28, 2004

    Of course Straw knew of coup plot

    It is inconceivable to think that the British government wouldn't have known about the attempted coup against the regime in Equatorial Guinea, after all Mark Thatcher is the son of a former Prime Minister, who must have some incredibly helpful links. This article is interesting, it states "Mr Thatcher is accused of stumping up $US275,000 ($351,900), while Lebanese oil tycoon Eli Calil is alleged to have contributed $US750,000 ($959,700). Both deny any involvement. A number of British businessmen are also named in the list handed out in the Malabo court, including a J H Archer. He is alleged to have provided $US240,000 ($307,100) to the coup plotters. Disgraced British politician and best-selling novelist Jeffrey Archer, who spent time behind bars for perjury and perverting the course of justice in relation to a libel case, denied any links to the case. His middle initial is H." Mr Calil, who has British citizenship and lives in a £12 million home off the King’s Road in Chelsea, West London, had been arrested by French police in June 2002 over illegal payments to another African leader, although he was later released on appeal. Mr Calil has not been arrested over this alleged plot and denies any involvement. The people allegedly involved in this plot are hardly low profile individuals, they are among some of Britains elite, and moved in "high society". Simon Mann, a key plotter said that Spain had promised to recognise a new regime in Equatorial Guinea led by an exile, Severo Moto. According to this article, Simon Mann was another schooled at Eton "and served in his family regiment, the Scots Guards - the soldiers who share the ceremonial duty of guarding the queen of England..... ...Mann had meanwhile become involved with South Africa's notorious "private military company" - Executive Outcomes. According to a classified British intelligence memorandum, Mann and British businessman Tony Buckingham registered Executive Outcomes in Britain in September 1993." Of course Straw, and most likely the rest of the British government and most of Britains "elite" would have been aware of some sort of coup plot.


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