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  • Friday, November 26, 2004

    Kerry says count all votes, Bush says embrace results

    John Kerry has, through a web issued statement admitted for the first time that the 2004 US presidential election may not be over. According to this article, "The usage of the word 'regardless' in the carefully parsed statement was the first indication Kerry has offered that, in his mind, the official election results might be inaccurate enough to tilt the election in his favor." Meanwhile, Bush regime officials are telling the people of America they should believe results already announced rather than await any recounts. According to a Dr Stephen Freeman from the University of Pennsylvania "the odds of just three of the major swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania all swinging as far as they did against their respective exit polls were 250 million to one." Now, let me put those odds into context. The odds of someone playing a game of golf getting two holes in one in the same round are 67 million to 1. You can even make a bet that Elvis is still alive at odds of 1000 to 1, and if you put a bet on hard evidence of the Loch Ness monsters existence you can get reasonable odds of 250 to 1. So, anyone for some Elvis spotting then? Or maybe you'd like to join an underwater adventure in the depths of a Scottish Loch to search for a non existant "Loch Ness monster"? Seems there's more chance of you seeing either of those alive, than there is that Bush actually won that election legitimately.


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