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  • Tuesday, November 30, 2004

    Canadians give Bush a welcome he deserves

    As Bush begins his visit to Canada, i'll be taking a look at the type of welcome he will be/is receiving, and how the media is covering the visit (This will be updated as and when possible throughout the Bush visit to Canada): 10,000 Protesters March Against Bush in Ottawa A large crowd of around 10,000 people rallied at Ottawa city hall, snaking through the downtown and marching on parliament hill. Vancouver joins protests of Bush visit Hundreds of delegates marched from the meeting at Canada Place to the U.S. consulate for a noon-hour rally. Protests mark Bush's visit to Canada The demonstrators plan to topple a large paper statue of Bush, a reference to the role he played in invading Iraq and toppling leader Saddam Hussein in the spring of 2003. The Ottawa rally was one of about 25 planned across the countryto draw attention to Bush's policies and politics during his two-day visit to Canada. Demonstrators greet Bush in Canada Making his first official visit to Canada, Bush arrived Tuesday for talks with Prime Minister Paul Martin. Bush was welcomed by many placards and signs along his motorcade route, including a truck parked nearby that was emblazoned with the phrase "Bush is a war criminal." Another placard branded him an "assassin." Much the anger seemed focused on Bush's decision to invade Iraq. Canada decided against sending troops to Iraq -- a decision supported by more than 80 percent of Canadians. Poll shows wide Canada-U.S. differences With regard to the U.S. plan for a missile defense shield, only 44 percent of Canadians believe their country should join on, while 73 percent of U.S. citizens believe Canada should take part. Protesters mass in Ottawa for Bush visit Ottawa, Canada, Nov. 30 (UPI) -- Busloads of protesters began rolling into Canada's capital, Ottawa, before sunrise Tuesday in anticipation of U.S. President George W. Bush's first state visit. Purple pretzel protest planned So, Douglas Mantz says they're planning a purple pretzel picnic in the park in Sackville, New Brunswick Wednesday. The pretzels are in honour of the pretzel Bush nearly choked on a few years ago. Layton calls on his supporters to protest Bush. But NDP leader will cut short his dissent to dine with president Mr. Layton is heard in a pre-recorded message sent Friday to about 2,000 NDP members in the area exhorting them to attend anti-Bush demonstrations, including a candlelight vigil in opposition to the ballistic missile defence program. In the message, he gives locations and times for the anti-Bush rallies and asks supporters to "join me and the NDP caucus to show Canadians we are leading the fight against Star Wars." Activist groups plan peaceful Bush protests Members of the Halifax Peace Coalition told a news conference of their own Monday that they expect about 5,000 to attend their peaceful rally. "We can get thousands of indignant Maritimers on the streets -- regardless of whether we're right up against the gates of Pier 21," organizer John Elmer said. "I must emphasize we expect an absolutely peaceful event,'' added spokeswoman Tamara Lorincz. "We are inviting everybody who is concerned with what is going on with the U.S. administration ... I'm bringing out my five-month-old son and lots of banners.'' At least one Halifax family who hosted Americans during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks told reporters Monday they don't want Bush's thanks. Prominent Halifax lawyer Anne Derrick and her husband Archie Kaiser put up a New Jersey family for several days after 9/11. Derrick says she doesn't like the idea of her city being used as a "photo opportunity'' for a world leader she says has "blood on his hands.'' "We will not be cheerleaders for his administration's brutal foreign policies,'' said Derrick. Canada, Ottawa, Updated Information: Peoples' Global Action (PGA) Bloc Activities Against Bush Date: November 30th (TUESDAY) Time: 12 PM Location: City Hall (Elgin & Laurier) Formation of an Autonomous PGA Bloc within the No to Bush! Coalition "Justice, Freedom, & Equality March" (Family friendly march). The PGA Bloc with rally around "Bush Out of Baghdad! Bush Out of Ottawa!" banners. Date: November 30th (TUESDAY) Time: 3 PM The PGA Bloc is issuing an open invitation to demonstrators to proceed to the Museum of Civilization to 'welcome' Bush and his entourage. Date: December 1st (WEDNESDAY) Time: 6:30 AM SHARP Location: Chateau Laurier (Elgin & Rideau) Greet the day with "Eggs for Bush, Powell and Condi." WALKOUT AGAINST BUSH: highschool walkout november 30th Most Canadians despise George W. Bush and what he stands for, yet the Canadian government has invited him to Ottawa on November 30th. Generally regarded as a war criminal, Bush is openly contemptuous of international law, world opinion, and all people. Paul Martin is receiving him with open arms to discuss increased Canadian cooperation with the Bush administration. How can we stand by and watch such ugly history being made? Massive Large protests will take place on the streets of Ottawa,however the vast majority of those outraged by the Bush visit will not be able to attend these protests. High school walkouts are a way for students across Canada to take part. PEI Anti-Bush In PEI on Tues, Nov. 30 12 noon: Rally and March at PEI Legislature Events will include a symbolic funeral in memory of the countless victims of the Bush Agenda and US foreign and domestic policy.


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