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  • Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    The Blunkett speech

    You might have seen or heard the Queens Speech earlier today. As one BBC reporter viewed it, "Voters could be forgiven for suspecting this was less the Queen's speech and more the home secretary's speech." Indeed. The word "security" is mentioned 3 times, as is "terrorism". The speech also contains references to tackling drug and alcohol abuse, however it is interesting to note that Blair & Co believe that having 24 hour licensing laws, and aiding the increase in methadone (a heroine substitute) addiction will solve these problems. Also, interesting to note in the speech are plans to deal with "harrassment by animal rights activist". Will anyone now protesting against some of the disgraceful practices carried out by researchers now be classed as "terrorists"? And will they under Blunketts proposed new imprisonment without trial policy be classed as "terrorist suspects" I wonder? Also, there is a brief mention of the corporate killing bill I mentioned the other day. However, I won't hold my breath for this to be introduced.


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