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  • Sunday, November 21, 2004

    Beware the man with forked tongue

    In his fine tradition of telling other countries what to do, while doing exactly what he likes in his own country Bush has warned that he wants a "democratic election" in Ukraine. Voters there are going to the polls today in the second round of voting to decide on who will be the next Ukrainian president. Seems rather an irony that he is telling another nation it should have a proper democratic election, when both the 2000, and 2004 US presidential elections have been tainted by vote fraud issues. On another note, you may have heard about the UN resolution being passed last week sponsored by the Bush regime in regard to Sudan. (They have already stated that genocide has taken place in the country.) The US dropped its stance that a threat of sanctions should be included in the resolution, also, quite surprisingly they dropped the demand for halting human rights abuses carried out. This appears to conflict with the regime in the US stating they don't approve of human rights abuses, even lauding their "victory" in Iraq as a victory for human rights. Maybe it's just me, but it does seem that the rogue regime speaks with a forked tongue.


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