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  • Sunday, November 28, 2004

    America: Land of the free

    This is a good article which looks at the "free and fair elections" carried out in the USA. Excerpt from the article: "Soon after the polls opened, problems began. "I started getting people from a neighboring precinct coming to vote." Tina explained they had to vote in their own precinct. "They said they'd been called over the weekend and told to come here. Some people had even been told, while waiting in line at their correct precinct, to come here. "That's the first indication we got that people had been deliberately misinformed," Tina says. A second incident made Tina even more angry. "Another nearby voting place was in a synagogue. When people in that precinct went to vote, the polling place was closed. There was no notification of where they should go, and there had been no prior written or telephonic communication. They didn't know what to do."


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