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  • Thursday, November 25, 2004

    2nd thoughts for Blair?

    I'm wondering, 1 and a half hours after the live chat with Blair was supposed to start if he has been having second thoughts. At the very least he certainly is late for something which has been organised for some time. According to reports Iraq and fox hunting are high on the list of issues which people have sent in questions about. Could Blair be having second thoughts? Has he chickened out of facing the public? Well, I spoke to someone at O2s customer relations department about the Live Chat scheduled for 1PM who said "As far as we're aware it did go ahead" When I tried to speak to someone at Capital FMs switchboard a bit earlier, they put me through to some answering machine. So no answers there then. I do know I was at that page at 1PM, and several times after that, and saw absolutely no Live Chat with Blair going on.


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